We have impacted over 21,000 girls and still counting!

We impact young girls in various ways. Such as going to underserved schools and holding free workshops, partnering with local NGOs to bring PadHer to their community, holding virtual workshops via zoom (every three months), and offering our comic books for free download via the PadHer website. So far, via all these means, we have impacted over 21,000 young girls throughout Africa and beyond.


Number of girls impacted via workshops held at underserved schools 1,255
Number of girls impacted via partnership with local NGOs (Empower Dada program) 1,095
Number of girls impacted via virtual workshops (zoom) 1,879
Number of girls impacted via offering our comic books for free download and on Amazon (Kindle and print) 17,034
Total number of girls impacted 21,263

Menstruation is a natural and healthy part of life. Approximately half of the female population is of reproductive age, accounting for around 26% of the global population. Every month, most girls have their period for three to seven days. Menstruation, as common as it is, is still stigmatized over the world.

Lack of knowledge about menstruation can lead to harmful beliefs and discrimination. It can also prevent girls from participating in regular childhood activities. Young girls are denied the opportunity to learn about menstruation and develop healthy behaviors due to stigma, taboos, and myths.

Girls Only was created to make it free, fun, easy, and comfortable teaching young schoolgirls such as yourself about periods, puberty, and sexual and reproductive health and rights topics. 

Periods are normal. Every girl gets them at some point in life, so it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

So always remember…It’s normal, Period!™

With Love,

Chika Nwaogu, founder of PadHer Initiative