Period Workshop for Schoolgirls

Our fun and exciting workshop prepares young schoolgirls to manage their periods and build the self-confidence they need to take control of the future and succeed!

We hold our period workshops in two ways, physical and digital. Our physical workshop involves PadHer going to schools in underserved communities, where we educate and mentor young schoolgirls about periods. So far, we have held 16 physical workshops in schools and community centers. We unveil the next school we are going to via our social media handles, so be sure to follow us, as we might just be coming to your school next. Our digital workshop is held every 3 months online via a Zoom meeting. 

Suggest a school to visit next so we can put it on our radar (NB: The school must be in an underserved community within Africa). Suggest a school to us by
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What do the participants get?

  • One hour workshop covering keys topics on periods
  • Free Copy of our Issue 1
    (Physical Workshop Only)
  • 3 Free Reusable Pads, One Pair of Underwear, and a Beautiful Wet Bag
    (Physical Workshop Only)
  • Free Period Bracelet
    (Physical Workshop Only)
  • Certificate of Participation
    (Physical copy for Physical Workshop, and Digital Copy for Digital Workshop)
  • Life long assistance/mentorship from our Educators/Mentors (via Whatsapp)

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Periods
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Menstrual Hygiene
  • Sanitary pads and how to use them
  • How to make a reusable sanitary pad
  • How to build and use the period bracelet
  • Myth-busting and Q&A

Digital Workshop Details

Age: 8-15 years old schoolgirls and/or their parents
Next Workshop date: 11 May 2024 (Saturday)
Venue: Online (Zoom)
Language: English
Registration closes: 27 April 2024 (12 AM GMT)
Maximum Attendees: 200
Seats left: 12

Digital workshops and the number of girls impacted

August 2021: 147 girls
November 2021: 200 girls
February 2022: 185 girls
May 2022: 167 girls
August 2022: 108 girls
November 2022: 163 girls
February 2023: 178 girls 
May 2023: 200 girls
August 2023: 179 girls
November 2023: 159 girls
February 2023: 193 girls 
May 2023: TBA

Know Your Educators/Mentors

Lynda Ejilimalu

Ejilimalu is an educator/mentor at PadHer in Nigeria. She loves to teach and impart knowledge in any way she can. She wants to see the girl child succeed without periods getting in their way.

Marion Sharrlyne Owino 

Owino is an educator/mentor at PadHer. She helps educate young schoolgirls during our many period workshops in Kenya. With a passion to teach and impact on young schoolgirls, Owino is changing the narrative and stigma surrounding periods in Africa.


Saina Primary School, Kajiado, Kenya

Date: 9th Nov. 2021
Number of girls impacted: 145
Duration: 2pm – 5pm (3hr)
Target Audience: Young school girls aged between 10 – 15 (Grade 6-8)


Kagira Primary School, Waithaka, Kenya

Date: 11th Nov. 2021
Number of girls impacted: 205
Duration: 10am – 2pm (4hr)
Target Audience: Young school girls aged between 10 – 15 (Grade 6-8)


Date: 8th Jul. 2023
Number of girls/boys impacted: 250
Duration: 10am – 2pm (4hr)
Target Audience: Young school girls and boys aged between 10-15 (Grade 6-8)

Brightstar Academy, Ngong Rd, Kenya

Date: 24th Dec. 2021
Number of girls impacted: 30
Duration: 1pm – 4pm (3hr)
Target Audience: Young school girls aged between 10 – 15 (Grade 6-8)


Date: 17th Jun. 2022
Number of girls/boys impacted: 50
Duration: 3pm – 5pm (2hr)
Target Audience: Young school girls and boys aged between 10 – 15 (Grade 6-8)

Date: 15th Jul. 2023
Number of girls/boys impacted: 50
Duration: 10am – 1pm (3hr)
Target Audience: Young school girls and boys aged between 10 – 15 (Grade 6-8)

Emmaus Educational Centre, Korogocho, Kenya

Date: 25th Feb. 2022
Number of girls impacted: 100
Duration: 2pm – 6pm (4hr)
Target Audience: Young school girls aged between 10 – 15 (Grade 6-8)


kisaju mixed secondary school, kajiado, Kenya

Date: 14th Jun. 2022
Number of girls/boys impacted: 425
Duration: 1pm – 3pm (2hr)
Target Audience: Young school girls and boys aged between 10 – 15 (Grade 6-8)


Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop is for young school girls between the age of 8-15 to learn about periods and puberty and get the mentorship they need to manage their periods effectively. 


The duration of our workshop is one hour. During this hour, schoolgirls get taught and mentored about periods and puberty, followed by a Q&A

All our workshops are FREE. We have both physical workshops and digital workshops. Our physical workshops hold when we visit a school in underserved communities in Africa to impact their young school girls or partner with a local NGO to bring our workshops to young girls in their community. Our digital workshop takes place online every three months. During our physical workshops, schoolgirls are given our free comic book (Issue 1), three free reusable sanitary pads, one pair of underwear, a beautiful wet bag (to store wet pads to be washed at home), and a free period bracelet (to help them track where they are in their cycle). For our digital workshop, young schoolgirls will have to download or purchase a copy of Issue 1 of our comic book. Digital workshops hold online via a zoom meeting.

Our workshops are intended for school girls between the ages of 8 and 15. It is usually best for schoolgirls to attend a period workshop before they get their first period to be better prepared to manage their periods.

Of course! She can attend a digital workshop alone. Nevertheless, we recommend that you attend this workshop with her as it will help you supervise and ensure she is learning as you intended. We have a digital workshop every three months, so feel free to register.

Real Stories from Young schoolgirls

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